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3 positive thing that happened to me in 2020

3 positive thing that happened to me in 2020

Everyone could probably write a book about how much 2020 sucked! In the new year’s spirit, I thought I would reflect on the top 3 positive things that happened to me this last year.

1. Team Ultra Collaborating and Creating a Fun Video

In the early weeks of the Covid lockdowns, Tiger King and social media challenges were all the rage. Feeling inspired by Saucony’s “drop the shoe” challenge video, many of my fellow Team Ultra mates collaborated on this fun video below.

While it didn’t go viral, I was extremely thrilled with how many people loved the video. Who knows, there’s still time for Michelob to pick it up on their social!

2. BQ in Houston

It’s almost a year since it happened. I BQ-ed in Houston!! It was encouraging to my mental health to know I had accomplished my main running goals from the previous year before all of the races got canceled! We’ve been running virtual races, and I am so grateful to everyone who helped me train for the Houston Marathon. It was truly meant to be that day! Hopefully, Boston Marathon 2021 happens, and I will be able to run down Boylston Street!

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3. Chuck Palahniuk sent me a birthday box!

I will start this off by saying, summer was the worst part of 2020 for me. We had all the rioting and protests, and in my area of SoCal, we had insane brush fires destroying the air quality. And with all the gyms closed, me and Deanna were left with no options to run. I was stressed and feeling worse because of the lack of running in my life.

So when a mysterious package showed up in the middle of July, and it was sent from one of my literary heroes, Chuck Palahniuk! Let’s say it was a bright spot in the middle of the darkest part of 2020!

If you don’t know who Chuck Palahniuk is, he is best known for authoring the novel turned feature film ‘Fight Club.’ We don’t talk about that, though; it is kind of a rule. 😉 Chuck has written so much more than that and I am an avid collector; all of his writing has an honest, irreverent style that challenges the reader’s perceptions of our world.

So what prompted this mystery box to show up at my house? As with most of the remarkable things in our family, Deanna has a hand in it somehow.

A few months before the mystery box shows up, Deanna noticed a social media post from Chuck’s Fan Club, about writing a story about someone you know that deserved an autographed copy of ‘Fight Club.’ Deanna knows how big of a fan of Chuck’s work. No joke and in all seriousness, we have a painting I did in college of Tyler Durdan hanging in our living room.

Deanna wrote an entry to the contest talking about our story together raising our kiddo, the effects of my 2013 assault, my running journey, and how we were forced to cancel all our plans for my 40th because of covid-19.

A few weeks later, Deanna received an email from the Chuck Palahniuk Fan Club. They let her know that the entry she put in was not selected as one of the 100 people receiving a signed copy of ‘Fight Club.’ However, Chuck personally reads every entry and was inspired by her words. Every single time, I ask her to write something for me, she nails it. I don’t know what she wrote exactly, but to have Chuck be inspired by our story was truly one of the best moments of my life.

A few weeks later, the UPS guys knocked on the door and handed me the magical box. See Pictures Below.

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