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What is Your Race Day Hydration Plan?

What is Your Race Day Hydration Plan?
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Sweating is probably not something that most runners give much thought. To most people, sweat is an annoying part of running that we tolerate. I wear sweat-wicking clothing and have my Headsweats hat on; I will put chapstick on my eyebrows to keep sweat out of my eyes. I make sure not to wear my light gray shorts on longer runs because too much sweat will make it look like I wet myself. 😂 If sweat were on Yelp, it would get nothing but 1-star reviews! ⭐️

Sweat is a nuisance, but sweat isn’t worthless. Our sweat can tell us a lot about our body chemistry and what we need to do to perform peak performance. Unfortunately, the average runner doesn’t have access to a sports chemist to run this elaborate kind of test. That all changed when Gatorade released their new GX Sweat Patch system, which is a low-cost DIY sweat test that anyone can do!

Last weekend, I decided to give the GX Sweat test a try. Below is how easy it is to conduct a sweat test on yourself.

Step 1: Obviously, a person will need a GX Sweat Patch, available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, or Gatorade.com. A 2 pack of GX Sweat Patches run $25 for two single-use. The patch is then stuck on the forearm right before a 30+ minute workout. Sidenote: It is very satisfying to watch the patch fill up during the test activity.

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Step 2: Once you have finished your workout. You will fill out your profile in the Gatorade GX app and then use the on-screen instructions to scan the patch and start the process to create your personalized Sweat profile.

My sweat profile found that my sweat rate is 2400 milliliters or about 80 oz per hour. So for a 3-hour marathon, I will sweat a whopping 240 oz of sweat! 😵 I also learned that I sweat out sodium on the higher end of the spectrum between 879-1339mg.

Step 3: What good is knowing all these numbers, though? No one needs an app to tell them they sweat a lot, which is why the Gatorade GX app then takes your sweat profile and creates a custom prep and recovery plan for you that includes recommendations for before, during, and after a workout! It will even give you some suggestions for getting proper rest!

The Gatorade GX app makes life even more effortless by hooking up to Apple Health, Garmin Connect, and Strava.

Overall: I think the Gatorade GX Sweat Test system offers an excellent inexpensive way to take some of the guesswork out of the training nutrition. The system provides personalized data-driven food & hydration advice to help athletes perform to their full potential.

As many know, I am part of Gatorade Enduralliance, and I have a code “IMHOFF2021” that takes 20% off your Gatorade Endurance order. Unfortunately, the GX Sweat Patches are not part of the Gatorade Endurance product lines, so my discount code will not work on it.

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