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About Me

I am a creative director of my own marketing agency Stark Social Media agency. When I was in high school, I was a talented distance runner never reached my full potenital believing that talent alone was enough to reach my goals, boy was I wrong! Over the years I had been casual about my running. In 2013 I suffered a serious assault that put in the hospital for several days with a concussion and 7 broken bones to my face, for years I had personal struggles with the trauma of the event. After years of struggle, I finally said enough was enough and I was no longer going to allow myself to dwell on the event and allow one bad day to haunt me and hold me down it was from that day forward that I decided to start winning every day that I have the privilege to live on this earth. Since early April 2018, I began training for my first marathon and in the process added daily meditation to the mix. I look to complete this marathon and many more. My ultimate goal is to turn my lemons into lemonade that other assault victims may find some inspiration. Thank You For Reading

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Nathan Imhoff finishing Santa Clarita Marathon 2019Nathan Imhoff finishing Santa Clarita Marathon 2019