Thursday, June 1, 2023

Houston… We Have A BQ!

It was a great honor to represent the Houston Marathon as an Ambassador this year. I remember seeing the call for Ambassadors on Instagram on the very last day, I was getting over being sick and had to convince a very hungry Deanna to give me a few minutes to shoot the videos they were asking all applicants to...

Team ULTRA Assemble!

I have said it once, and I will say it again. Runners are the best people! Running the NYC Marathon with 95 of the most passionate beer runners is an experience I will never forget. The thing that makes Team ULTRA so special isn't the amazing weekend in New York, although that is definitely one of the perks of...

Race Review: Mardi Gras Madness 2019

Overview & Background OK, I will make this as quick as possible as Mardi Gras Madness is a community race supporting a great cause in Students Off And Running (SOAR), in fact, I am not even going to give this race rating since that would be like giving a Yelp review to a local girl scout troop. I will have...

Race Review: Carlsbad Marathon 2019

Overview & Background Carlsbad is a gorgeous beach community nestled in the northern part of San Diego County, and outside of Boston, I am not sure you will find a more run positive community. It's home to the world's fastest 5k the Carlsbad 5000 which has been the course for multiple world records since its inaugural race in 1986.I am...

Race Review: Santa Clarita Marathon 2018

Overview & Background Santa Clarita Marathon is a unique race in a few ways, first of all, it is one of the only marathons that I am aware of that is actually put on by the city that it is being held in. Now, I know there are plenty of marathons with the city in the title such as the...

My Reviewing Guidelines

Since the moment I decided to put together a running centered blog, I debated on whether or not I would do reviews and if I did do reviews, how would I do them. One of my biggest pet peeves are people that live on reviews sites like Yelp and inflate their ego by tearing down every restaurant and business...

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2020 San Francisco Marathon Discount Code

I am honored to be back as a 2020 San Francisco Marathon Ambassador. 2020 will be the 43rd year of the San Francisco Marathon!...
GX Sweat Test

What is Your Race Day Hydration Plan?

Sweating is probably not something that most runners give much thought. To most people, sweat is an annoying part of running that we tolerate....
DC Batman Runseries Los Angeles Discount Code

DC Batman Runseries Los Angeles Discount Code

The Batman Run series looks like an amazing race experience! Soon as I became aware of this race I showed it to my nerdy...

My Favorite Gear: Injinji: Runner + Liner

I believe Amby Burfoot said no advancement in running equipment had been more important than the improvements in running socks. I remember pausing for...

2021 Santa To The Sea Discount Code

I am honored to have been selected as a 2021 Santa To The Sea Ambassador.  I had the pleasure of running the Santa to...
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