Junk miles are a common topic of discussion among runners, but what are they, and why should you avoid them? In this article, we’ll explore what junk miles are and how they can hinder your progress.

What are Junk Miles?

Junk miles are running workouts that provide little or no benefit to your overall training goals. These are typically easy, low-intensity runs that don’t challenge your body or improve your fitness level. While it’s important to have some easy runs in your training, too many of these types of runs can lead to a plateau in your progress.


How to Identify Junk Miles

One way to identify junk miles is to evaluate your overall training plan. Are you incorporating enough speed work, hills, and other challenging workouts? Or are you spending most of your time running easy, low-intensity miles? If the majority of your training is focused on low-intensity runs, you may be running junk miles.

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Another way to identify junk miles is to evaluate your pace. If you’re consistently running at the same, comfortable pace for most of your runs, you may not be challenging yourself enough to improve your fitness level.

Why Quality Over Quantity Matters

While it’s important to put in the miles during marathon training, quality over quantity is what truly matters. By focusing on challenging, higher-intensity workouts, you can improve your fitness level and avoid plateaus in your progress. Instead of simply putting in the miles, aim to make each workout count by challenging yourself with speed work, hills, and other challenging workouts.

By avoiding junk miles and focusing on quality over quantity, you can improve your running performance and achieve your training goals. Remember to evaluate your training plan regularly and incorporate challenging workouts that push your limits and help you reach your full potential.

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